....'It is true that I have known Carlo Montone

(Mon-tone-e) now for many years and he has asked me

to construct a biography of his life, I will do this honestly and objectively.

(Yeah right)....

Carlo is a flawed individual. He is by far and away the most pretentious person I have ever known, his arrogance and self-worth is at times laughable; he claims to people that he can cook, but his flatmate fervently told me:

"Carlo does no cooking, all he does is beans on toast and then he burns the toast..."

...what does this say about the integrity and candor of the man?

Listen to his tunes though - he's on another level.

- MC Colonel Chegwin

DJ Siem's Lowdown

DJ Siem

Word on the street

"1000% DJ. Fantastic work."



"Great tech style & DJ set, cheers from Tor!"

DJ Tor


"Very good Sir Carlo. You know your place, pleasing us with true talent.

Jessica Z.